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Terms and Conditions

Ways Around The Bay website - terms and conditions of use

The Ways Around The Bay website is owned and managed by Morecambe Bay Partnership. By proceeding with access to this website, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.


Morecambe Bay Partnership makes every effort to ensure that the website is functioning correctly, and that the information presented is as accurate as possible.

This will not always be achievable and therefore the following disclaimer applies:

The website is provided "as is" without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, compatibility, non-infringement, accuracy and security. Morecambe Bay Partnership does not guarantee or represent that the content and/or facilities available or accessible via the website will always be accurate, complete or current or that access to the website will be uninterrupted.

Route planner terms of use

The route planner makes use of user-generated data in Open Street Maps , the best available data source for cycling and walking internationally. It provides a data source which is open, free, crowd-sourced, community-orientated, and created by cyclists and others. The data presented on the Ways Around The Bay route planner is configured by Cyclestreets specifically for Morecambe Bay according to the instructions of Morecambe Bay Partnership.

There is no guarantee that the information presented is accurate or complete.

Morecambe Bay Partnership has purchased a 3-year licence from Cyclestreets valid from May 2023 – April 2026 as part of the Ways Around The Bay grant-funded initiative. The availability of the route planner cannot be guaranteed after this date.

  • Map data, directions, and related content (the “Results”) are provided for planning purposes only. Other factors such as weather conditions, construction projects, closures or events may cause road conditions or directions to differ from the results provided by the planner. You should exercise judgement in your use of the Results.
  • Certain content is provided under licence from third parties and is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights owned by or licensed to such third parties.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any outdated information shown on these online tools or delays to your journeys and disclaim all warranties in connection with the Results and Tools, and will not be liable for any damage, injury or loss resulting from your use of the Results or the Tools.
  • We do not collect any personal information through these Tools, but we may collect usage data to better serve our users in future tools or improve current ones. Please read our Privacy policy.
  • As the route planner contains user-generated content, Morecambe Bay Partnership cannot guarantee that the content submitted by users will not be offensive or inappropriate but will endeavour to remove any such material as soon as it is identified or brought to their attention.

General terms of use

Morecambe Bay Partnership expressly disclaims all liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage occasioned from the use or inability to use the website, whether directly or indirectly resulting from inaccuracies, defects, viruses, errors (whether typographical or otherwise), omissions, out of date information or otherwise.

Accessing the website and the downloading of material from them is done entirely at the user's own risk. The user, and not Morecambe Bay Partnership, will be entirely responsible for any resulting damage to software or computer systems and/or any resulting loss of data even if Morecambe Bay Partnership has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

Please note that this website is intended for use by residents of the United Kingdom. It is not intended for residents and investors of other countries because the law and/or cycling conditions in other countries may restrict the distribution and relevance of the information on this website.


The website may contain links to other websites over which Morecambe Bay Partnership has no control. Such links are supplied solely for the convenience of users. Morecambe Bay Partnership is not responsible for the contents or reliability of the linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them or the organisation or persons providing them in any way. Morecambe Bay Partnership does not guarantee that these links will work all of the time and we have no control over the availability of the linked pages.

Providers of other websites may place text-based links to pages on the Morecambe Bay Partnership website without seeking prior permission. However such links must not open Morecambe Bay Partnership website pages into frames within another website. Pages from the Morecambe Bay Partnership website must be loaded into the user's entire browser window.


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