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If you run or own a business in Morecambe Bay that welcomes walkers and people on bikes or wheels, your place can be promoted FREE of charge on this website.

Promote your business

How will the website benefit my business?

In 2023, the Ways Around The Bay website is being promoted as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign with local, regional and national reach. It is designed to create a swell of positive PR and awareness of the Bay's exciting outdoor offer that will attract new cyclists, walkers and people with access needs whilst also inspiring existing ones to do more.

Your business can be promoted as part of this campaign to attract more bookings and customers completely free of charge until March 2024.

Interested? What you need to do next...

To feature on the website, we will ask you to:

  • Help us promote the campaign hashtag #WaysAroundTheBay on social media.
  • Respond to an evaluation survey during winter 2023/2024. The information you supply may help us attract further funding to develop this programme of activity.
  • Sign up to a newsletter for the Bay's businesses so that we can keep you informed about the marketing campaign and any other opportunities that may arise.
  • Agree to some simple terms and conditions to ensure that only businesses operating safely, legally and compliantly are included.
  • Submit an online form to provide us with some text, images, location information and web address. The form is found below.

Before proceeding, we ask you to read and agree to the terms and conditions of participation.

By submitting your form, you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Due to the requirements of the grant funding, only businesses located in Morecambe Bay can participate. There is no distinct geographical boundary but broadly, your business must be operating on or close to the Morecambe Bay coastline from Fleetwood in the south, to Barrow-in-Furness in the North West of the Bay.

Terms and conditions for business inclusion on

I confirm:

  • My business or the business I represent, operates in Morecambe Bay.
  • I agree that Morecambe Bay Partnership, a registered charity, can make minor edits to the content I supply for reasons of consistency throughout the website.
  • My business welcomes walkers and people on bikes.
  • I understand that participation on the website is offered without charge up to March 2024.
  • I undertake that the information I supply, describes my business offer or service as accurately as possible.
  • I understand that Morecambe Bay Partnership retain the right to refuse inclusion of any business on the website for any reason but will undertake to justify any decision.
  • I agree to participate in a short online survey early in 2024 to assist Morecambe Bay Partnership evaluate the effectiveness of the website.
  • I understand that Morecambe Bay Partnership will notify me of plans for the scheme and website beyond March 2024 with any new terms and conditions and re-registering process if relevant.
  • My business is legal and fully complies with all business and operational legislation.
  • I am happy that the data below is processed for Morecambe Bay Partnership by our contractor CycleStreets Ltd for the purposes above only.
  • I am authorised by the represented business to agree to these terms and conditions.

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